A year ago today, I blogged about the guest post I wrote for the Macmillan Cancer Support online community. It included a thing of rarity – a selfie; not just any selfie but a so-called #NoMakeUpSelfie that was taken in 2015, to document the ravages of my chemotherapy. I have never been particularly comfortable in front of a lens and actually, the whole concept of selfies terrifies me. Therefore, to take one of myself (and publish it) when I felt that I probably looked the very worst I ever have done (expect perhaps when I ‘experimented’ with gaudy make-up in my teens) was excruciating for me but, entirely necessary.

More recently, I posted another selfie to my personal Facebook account and what an unexpected response I received to this fun observation about my eyebrows (or lack of).

Often it’s the little things that please me. Like the unmistakable evidence here that my eyebrows finally appear to be growing back! Losing my hair was definitely the worst part of chemotherapy for me but the human body is a strange and complex miracle. Sometimes it can fix itself. Even eyebrows.

The struggle with my eyebrows is real and well-documented; I am strongly considering cosmetic tattooing to fill in the gaps, once I can afford it, but I was overwhelmed by how many people responded positively to my latest (actually, second ever) #NoMakeUpSelfie.

Maybe I should post more selfies – who knew?

Something I keep getting asked about my ‘sudden’ eyebrow regrowth is:

Have you been doing something different?

Alrighty then – I don’t want to make any wild claims here but, to be clear – my eyebrows may or may not have grown back, in their own time and any point between chemotherapy and an undetermined future date. They have started to grow back though and yes, the thing I am doing differently is taking better care of me and my skin. Improved diet, more fresh air, longer periods of exercise – all these things do a body and mind good. I am happier for it, I look healthier for it and any/all of those things could be the reason. Nevertheless, the major life-changer for me has been my skincare routine and before you think this is going to be some kind of snake oil promise – I assure you, it is not.

Yes, I have used a lot of luxury Temple Spa products on my skin since February; yes, I am a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant and therefore of course I earn a commission on everything I sell. Obviously I do.

But I would never tell a lie…

So, do I think that my Temple Spa products made my eyebrows grow back? No, I do not.

I do think that they have helped me enormously with my self-confidence and encouraged me to take better care of myself. I joined Temple Spa because I was genuinely impressed with the quality of their range and the way I that feel after using the gorgeous products; I earnestly wanted to share that experience with others. I also needed to get back to work and with so many unpredictable health issues it was difficult but, Temple Spa absolutely welcomed me and my quirky ways.

However, in my heart, I do think that part of this recent eyebrow success could be the results from the eyebrow massage that my wonderful manager, Jenna taught me at one of my first classes. It’s my favourite facial exercise – honestly, until you’ve finger-pinched your own eyebrows you haven’t lived! So, so, so relaxing – believe it or not. Maybe it was the stimulation from doing those little movements regularly; I don’t know for sure but I would not be surprised at all if that sped up the process and, it didn’t cost me a penny.

I have a long way to go. I’m still only in remission but for now, thank you Temple Spa. One way or another, it is your products, ethics and philosophies that have been instrumental in giving me the confidence to post a selfie and I don’t think anyone was expecting that – least of all, me!

Photograph: Female yoga pose.



Temple Spa is a total lifestyle brand that fuses together product, philosophy and spa. Their anti-ageing skincare, de-stressing and luxury body care products are sold in premium retail store Harrods (Apothecary) and much loved by top beauty editors.


The best way to experience Temple Spa is at one of their spa retreats, but they understand that not everyone has the opportunity, time or finances to go to a spa every week. So they have set up the opportunity to sample the spa experience at home through their classes. You get to try out the products, learn tips on having a spa lifestyle, and get special discounts on which are not available in store.

  • Not tested on animals
  • Most products are vegan-friendly
  • Consultant opportunities available

I am always happy to answer questions:






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