PHOTOGRAPH: A tattoo on a woman's wrist that reads 'Broken'.

Ink by Thou Art


On noticing my wrist tattoo for the first time, a vainglorious and semi-inebriated acquaintance proclaimed

Oh! You are so Emo!



I deny her casual stereotype and ephemeral labeling, whilst my indelible ‘note to self’ remains constant; reminding me that not everything is immutable.

Correspondingly, my stomping ground of choice, the Internet, enables a similarly narcissistic extension of our real life selves; creating an environment that is thickly laced with the toxins of ambiguous communication and a constantly evolving, parasitic language which encroaches on our everyday speech with symbiotic dedication. We perceive our online projection of ourselves far more clearly than others online receive it, often spawning misunderstandings and confusion.

But then, everything evokes a reaction – does it not? We are nothing without a soupçon of savoir-faire.

View, read, watch, listen and enjoy (or not) but do experience – or this is all in vain.




  1. Nice message. Do you use it as a reminder that you need to fix things, yourself, or that we’re all broken in the process of being repaired? I wonder how people would react if you added ‘fixed’ or ‘fixing’ on the other wrist.

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    1. Hi Frederic. I do indeed use it as a reminder; that everything can be fixed, no matter how broken – that is it’s purpose. I have often considered having the other wrist tattooed (not necessarily with an antonym) but the time for that is not now and may never be.



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