Several months ago, it was my privilege to find myself included as one

the volunteers for the E.D.E.N Film Productions lesbian, gay, bisexual and

transgender (LGBT) community filmmaking workshop: E.D.E.N Action!

Initially it was intended that should I avail myself of the project’s mission,

which was to make facilities available to any unemployed members of the

LGBT community from Sheffield and its surrounding areas to develop their

filmmaking and employability skills but after a couple of sessions I was

further invited to guest-write a blog.


Unfortunately this is where I came a smidge’ unstuck. Due to an

unexpected and exceptionally inconvenient health issue, I had only

accomplished one blog post before I sensationally flaked out and had to

abandon my peers.


This befitted more than a small irritation because, even though I am a

filmmaking novice, the opportunity to work on a truly creative LGBT

venture was a terribly exciting prospect for me and my enthusiasm had

definitely overcome any of the initial buds of vacillation.


However, before I was indecorously carted off for months of undignified

prodding I did manage to draw on a couple of bananas, provide a semi-

mobile wardrobe service and later almost overdosed one of the other

volunteers on Hobnobs. This may yet be a personal best.


So you may wonder what I could possibly have gained then, from this

assignment that I began but did not finish, with potential new skill sets

largely unrealised and premières missed?


E.D.E.N Film Productions and the E.D.E.N Action! volunteers have kept

me updated on their progress and involved me whenever they could.

They have taken time acknowledge my brief input, to both check in to

see how I was doing and inform me how their endeavours were faring; I

have even had personal visits and overall a more unique insight into the

delivery of their enterprise than I could ever have had as a ‘hands-on’



The community spirit conveyed to me from the outset and then later on

through selfless and inclusive actions confirmed that which I already

knew; E.D.E.N Film Productions is no ordinary organization and you

should all keep an extremely close eye on them (literally and figuratively)

because they are moving mountains and, they have the footage to prove